7 Must Know Tips for Any Successful Pharma Industry Professional

Getting Ahead in Pharma

  1. ABN– (Always Be Networking)- Your network is your “other net worth.” LinkedIn is an incredible tool for expanding your network. Upgrading to the Premium Membership option has its perks. Most recruiters rely primarily on LinkedIn. Expand your network both within pharma but also expand into other tangential industries within the life sciences. You never know where your career will take you.
  2. Level up– Always look for ways to improve your self professionally. Take a class, get certified in your profession or improve your soft skills. Demonstrating continued commitment to professional growth is looked upon favorably by any hiring managers. Understand what skills you’ll need to navigate the market in the next 10 years by thinking ahead. 
  3. Put on the “ROI Helmet”-We live in a world where companies want to know what the “Return on Investment” (ROI) is for their investment (time & resources). Put yourself in the CEO’s shoes. Mission & Vision are critical but how can we accomplish goals ethically and compliantly and achieve financial goals as well? It’s a fact in any business and pharma is not immune.
  4. Be in the Know-Subscribe to industry feeds like Biospace, Fierce Biotech, Fierce Pharma, Pharma Voice and the Catalyst, among others. Keep pace with different therapeutic areas and the latest and greatest in medical technology, devices, diagnostics and cutting edge science.
  5. Learn the Language– No, not that type of language. But the lingo in your field or in a field you want to expand into. Are you in sales and want to go into regulatory or medical affairs. Or are you an aspiring PharmD looking to work in marketing? Learn what the buzz words are, what the different functions do and where you would be best able to contribute.
  6. Learn a Language (really)– No, this isn’t a copy & paste. This time we mean learn an actual language. Pharma is more global than ever. Most of the teams ACMA works with are in several countries. Consider Arabic, Mandarin or brush up on your Spanish. If you’re considering an international assignment, most companies prefer candidates that are bilingual.
  7. Go the extra mile-This applies to both external stakeholders (Key opinion leaders, HCPs) and internal stakeholders (your cross functional partners). Try to not only meet, but beat your deadline. Come in early. Stay late (within reason) and speak up and demonstrate your initiative. Pharma thrives on innovation and new ideas. Bring your ‘A’ game to the table.

It all starts with being an expert. You have one chance to impress. Learn more about how you can distinguish yourself in pharma.