About Us

About Us

About Us

The ACMA SOCIETY is the largest professional organization for the life sciences industry influencing the medical affairs profession, healthcare policy and facilitating dialogue on market access, drug pricing and innovation in the industry. ACMA Society is trusted by over 80,000 Medical Affairs and Life Sciences professionals around the world who work, teach, and study in the field of Life Sciences.

The ACMA SOCIETY reinvests its revenue back into the organization to ensure we can continue to create valuable resources to support the industry. We have offered over $150,000 in scholarships to support medical affairs professionals in their careers.


The Mission of ACMA SOCIETY is to provide resources to and foster relationships among individuals and businesses who seek to establish a higher level of global, independent standards of excellence in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and medical devices industries.


The ACMA SOCIETY Vision is to provide the best platform globally for individuals and businesses who seek to improve patient care and safety through the transformation of education and research in the healthcare ecosystem.

ACMA Career Center

The ACMA SOCIETY offers unparalleled career resources through the ACMA Career Center which provides Search & Recruitment Services.

ACMA Career Center Benefits:

  • Unparalleled Career Services & Support
  • Representation among the largest career pharmaceutical industry network in the world
  • Resume Review Services to Help Your Resume Stand out
  • Interviewing Tips & Tricks to Help You Land the Roles You Want
  • Career Coaching to Help You Open Up Your Career Options & Increase Your Earning Potential

ACMA Search & Recruitment:

We specialize in the recruitment of clinical development and medical affairs professionals. With over 22 years’ of experience and market expertise, the ACMA has long term relationships with over 70,000 vetted and qualified MDs, PhDs, and PharmDs and has a proactive candidate recruitment approach allows them to deeply understand the needs and goals of our candidates, allowing for the best fit possible and long term employee retainment.

ACMA Board of Governors

The ACMA SOCIETY is governed and lead by an elite Board of Governors encompassing C-Suite and Director level professionals in the Life Sciences industry. The ACMA has chosen to collaborate these individuals as they are passionate and have a proven track record for improving and advocating for the healthcare and patient community. The Board of Governors fuels our mentorship program as well as provides the authorship and insights behind the various research and tools provided to the exclusive members of the ACMA SOCIETY. Learn more about our Board below.

William Soliman


President, Chief Executive Officer
Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs

Michael H. Davidson


Chief Scientific Officer

Professor of Medicine
Prtizker School of Medicine
University of Chicago

Sotirios Stergiopoulos


Chief Medical Officer
Head of Global Medical Affairs
Ipsen Biosciences

Board of Directors
A2A Pharmaceuticals

Sharad (Bob) Chib

Executive MBA

Head, Corporate Strategy, Innovation
& Business Development
Astellas Pharma

Bob Oliver


Chairman, V ClinBio

Board of Directors, Neurotez Inc.

Board of Directors, Hyalo Technologies

Former President
CEO Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Charles Stacey


President & CEO, Accera, Inc.