Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs Appoints Accera CEO, Dr. Charles Stacey to its Board of Governors

The ACMA has appointed Dr. Charles Stacey, President and CEO of Accera Pharmaceuticals to its Board of Governors. Dr. Stacey is the President and CEO of Accera, a global clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of therapeutics for CNS disease. Prior to joining Accera, he was with Inventages, the Nestl√© backed venture capital and private equity group, with $1.5Bn under management. There he led the CNS interest as well as the fund’s interest in Asia. Prior to Inventages, Dr. Stacey ran a medical device company and worked for a number of early-stage healthcare companies.

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Accreditation Council Appoints Pharma Power Players, former Otsuka CEO, Bob Oliver and Astellas Executive, S. Bob Chib to its Board of Governors

The ACMA has appointed two power players to its Board of Governors Bob Oliver and S. Bob Chib.

Bob Oliver, Recent CEO of V ClinBio, former President and CEO of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, who also serves as Executive Advisor for both Cellix Bio Sciences Inc and Hyalo Technologies, while serving on the Board of Directors for Neurotez Inc., joins the ACMA Board today.

S. Bob Chib, currently serves as the Head of Corporate Strategy, Innovation, and Business Development at Astellas Pharma. Mr. Chib has more than two decades’ experience as a senior biopharma executive.


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Jason Aryeh, Life Sciences Investment Fund Manager and Pharmaceutical Industry Expert, Appointed to the Board of Governors of the ACMA

The ACMA announces its appointment of Jason Aryeh, Life Sciences Investment Fund Manager and pharmaceutical industry expert, to its board of governors today. Mr. Aryeh brings with him over twenty years of equity investment experience in the life sciences industry. He is the Founder and Managing General Partner of JALAA Equities, LP, a private, activist-oriented, hedge fund focused on the life sciences sector, and has served in this capacity since 1997. Jason Aryeh will play a critical role in helping to expand the mission of the ACMA in the life sciences industry.

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ACMA Partners with the Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education of Canada

The partnership between the ACMA and Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (CCPE) will enable more medical affairs and MSL professionals in Canada to become Board Certified in Medical Affairs via the Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist Program (BCMAS). The CCPE and ACMA have collaborated to put together a first in class training program tailored for Canadian MSL professionals.

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