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Transitioning to Industry

Pharmacists that transition from academia to industry are often said to have moved to “the dark side,” insinuating that they have abandoned patient care or have become too “sales-y”.  Pharmacists in industry do play an important role and should not be perceived as someone who has “sold out” their career.  I recently transitioned from academia […]

A medical device professional discusses the value of BCMAS

     Despite many promising breakthroughs in the health care sector, there remains a growing demand for the lifesaving therapeutics. I often ask myself, “Why does the industry appear to be so challenged? What are the setbacks in transforming the innovation to market? Is this an R&D productivity challenge, difficulty in understanding the market needs, […]

5 Common Mistakes Seasoned Medical Science Liaisons Make

Think you’re too experienced for more training? Or say to yourself, “I’ve been an MSL for 10 years, what could I possibly learn?” If that’s you… keep reading.  Studies in the MSL space have shown that within about 2 years, MSLs begin to intellectually ‘fatigue’ and typically plateau when it comes to their knowledge level […]

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