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How COVID-19 is changing the MSL Role

COVID-19 has ushered in unprecedented times that none of us planned for, this includes the pharmaceutical industry. With travel restrictions prohibiting MSLs from visiting healthcare providers (HCPs) and access to HCPs being drastically limited,  MSLs have had to make major changes to how they operate. I have spoken to MSLs who once thought the concept […]

5 Reasons BCMAS Professionals Make Excellent Medical Science Liaisons

By Casey Sanner, Scientific Field Director at Janssen 1. Great MSLs Have a Growth Mindset The moment one thinks they ‘know it all’ is the moment they stop growing. Great MSLs must always be: Open to continuous professional development and learning. Looking for ways to grow so that they can better serve their stakeholders is […]

Setting Your Course to a Successful MSL Career, by Keely Dahl

The intended audience for this article are professionals interested in learning more about or trying to become Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs). These are suggestions based on my singular experience and I hope the article’s content is taken in the spirit of friendly advice, nothing more or less. As with my last article, this too was written […]

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