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Virtual Medical Conferences: How will Medical Affairs Adapt?

By Deborah Ebert LongSenior Vice President Medical Affairs at Vertex Pharmaceuticals Pre- and Post-Conference Activities: What Has Going Virtual Changed? With large gatherings heavily restricted and COVID-19 cases still on the rise, there is no indication when medical conferences will resume regular in-person attendance. This makes it critical for medical science liaisons and other medical […]

Read this before your next MSL Interview

William A. Soliman, Phd, BCMASFounder, CEO Surprised that people are still interviewing for Medical Science Liaison (MSL) positions in the midst of a global pandemic? There are still lots of positions out there and if you’re reading this article, you probably know how competitive it is to get that next MSL dream job. I receive […]

Acing the “Tell Me About Yourself”​ Question in MSL Job Interviews

A quick online search of ‘how to ace your next interview’ will give you a lot of great suggestions and strategies on how to increase your chances of landing your dream position in your medical science liaison (MSL) job interview. But for an MSL role, getting the job isn’t easy. Data from the Accreditation Council for Medical […]

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